ASAC utilizes a whole person approach to treatment. We take into consideration an individual’s entire life circumstances and personal needs at time of care. Treatment plans are self-paced and individually built based on your specific needs. The involvement of supportive family and loved ones during treatment and recovery is encouraged. Family support during treatment and recovery helps to build a strong sustainable support system. Patients in treatment services often participate in multiple levels of care prior to completion.

Services We Offer

Crisis Services

There is no charge for a crisis session, by phone or in one of our offices and any information shared with us is strictly confidential. We offer crisis sessions to potential patients, family members, loved ones or others impacted by a substance use concern.


Assessments are designed to evaluate a patient’s needs, and are required in order to access treatment services. We offer walk-in assessments and assessments by appointment. For more information please see the Assessments Page.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient treatment is self-paced and patients participate for varying lengths of time based on individual needs and assessment recommendations. Group meetings are available at a variety of times throughout the week. For more information please see the Outpatient Page.

Residential Services

24 hour residential treatment is provided for those patients who require a structured and supervised environment to be substance free. This level of care provides a healthy environment for a positive road to recovery. ASAC has support staff who are available anytime day or night during a residential treatment stay. For more information please see the Residential Page.

Recovery Services

ASAC offers services following outpatient or residential treatment to assist the patient in maintaining their recovery. For more information please see the Recover Page.

Programs We Offer

Access to Recovery

ASAC provides services to persons working toward recovery from alcohol or drug abuse through the Access to Recovery (ATR) program. For more information please see the Access to Recovery Page.

CD+ Youth Residential

This youth residential substance abuse treatment program is focused toward males and females ages 13 to 18. This treatment is specialized for individuals who are battling with a level of substance use that requires the structure and support of a 24-hour treatment program. For more information please see the CD+ Youth Residential Page.

Family Therapy

Family therapy services provide counseling to family members and significant others of persons with substance use concerns. Families are encouraged to become involved in a loved one’s recovery process. For more information please see the Family Therapy Page.

Heart of Iowa

Heart of Iowa is a special treatment program specifically developed for pregnant women and women with children. The program is designed to help women overcome substance use disorders through a variety of programs and services. For more information please see the Heart of Iowa Page.

Hightower Place

ASAC’s Hightower Place is a program that provides 24-hour supervision and substance use disorder treatment services to women 18 years of age and older and for their children. For more information please see the Hightower Place Page.

King House

ASAC’s King House program provides housing and treatment services for men 18 years of age and older. For more information please see the King House Page.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication Assisted Therapy is a combination of counseling and medication to assist an individual with a substance use disorder in maintaining long term recovery. These medications can reduce the risk of relapse and help individuals be more successful in their treatment and recovery process.For more information please see the Medication Assisted Treatment Page.

Multi-Cultural Services

Multi-Cultural treatment is provided for African-Americans, patients of African descent, and persons of Latino ethnicity who would benefit from cultural-specific treatment. Counseling sessions can be conducted in Spanish and French. Programming is provided at ASAC’s Downtown Office.

Recovery Center

Located at our Main Office, the Recovery Center Program is a 24 hour adult residential treatment provided for those patients who require a structured and supervised environment to be substance free. For more information please see the Recovery Center Page.

Youth Outpatient

Youth outpatient treatment is designed for young people ages 13-18. These services include individual and group treatment services based on individual needs. For more information please see the Youth Outpatient Page.


ASAC has a sliding fee scale for assessments and treatment sessions that is based on family size and income. To qualify for the sliding fee scale you will need to provide proof of household income. We also accept Title 19/Medicaid and private insurance.

Achieving lasting recovery can be accomplished with the help of ASAC services. In addition to the programming that ASAC provides, we recommend utilizing additional recovery groups such as AA, NA, Alanon, and Celebrate Recovery.

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