New Social Host Ordinance in Place

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Parties are one of the ways teens gain access to alcohol and other drugs. When adults choose to allow a party to take place for their kids and their friends, they are in reality condoning the underage consumption of alcohol, leading to a lowered perception of harm among youth. We know that if access to any substance increases and perception of harm decreases, then substance use is likely to increase. The Linn County Board of Supervisors has taken an important step in revising the existing Linn County Social Host Law to allow authorities to better address the occurrence of adult sponsored underage drinking and drug use parties. Under the revised social host law, law enforcement may issue a large fine to any adult that knowingly allows one of these parties to occur on their property. The hope is that communities come together to realize the negative impact these sorts of gatherings have on the health and safety of our youth, not to mention the potential influence on their futures.

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